Cotton field in Wharton, Tx

Local Texas Made is really just a place to show off some arts and crafts by myself and some friends, talk about Texas family experiences and history and share an appreciation for our great state.  It’s just for fun and hope you enjoy it.

Bank Fishing Lake Conroe

Yesterday I continued my bank fishing at Lake Conroe for the third  weekend in a row.  Last winter my son Randy  and I went down

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Texas Today

Well, we have a few old posts that are worth reading again, so enjoy reading them for slices of Texan life that remind us how

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In the Garden

So, tonight my middle granddaughter, Little Bug (that’s her nickname, her given name is Vanessa) walked with me in our backyard looking at all of

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2 thoughts on “Local Texas Made”

  1. Well, I have traveled almost the complete state. I say almost, because there is some corner of the state somewhere I am sure I have missed. Still, I’ve lived in Dallas, Del Rio, Abilene, Austin, Sugar Land, Houston, and Montgomery. I’ve been from El Paso to Evadale, from Amarillo to Port Arthur.

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