Christmas time in Texas

It’s 51 degrees, sun shining, and three weeks until Christmas.  My St. Augustine grass is still green.  I put up the Christmas lights Thanksgiving weekend, played golf last Friday afternoon, and went fishing on Lake Conroe last Saturday morning.  Don’t you just love the holiday season in Texas?  ‘Course, don’t tell that to the folks living in the Panhandle.  I don’t know about ya’ll but this time of year all the Christmas  arts and crafts come out of storage at our house along with the tree lights and all the cool collectable and sentimental ornaments we’ve saved over the years.  We have ornaments our daughter made and now the ones the grand kids made, and I’ve got the grand kids working on more.  We use the big bottles of acrylic, set the kids up on the crafts table that’s well worn with paint, glue, and glitter- and let them rip!  Every year one of our Nativity scenes takes a hit from kids and grand kids or the inevitable breakable is  snatched off from the lower branches by a dog and one year the cat toppled the whole shebang climbing up the tree of course. We’ve learned to put the breakables and shall we say less fancy ornaments at the bottom of the tree.

I keep my easel right by the crafts table which tends to be surrounded by toy vacuum cleaners, Thomas the Train rideable, and a toy shopping cart.  Yes, all girls.  So far. My middle grand daughter saw me painting some details on a work in progress for just a quick minute (didn’t even get my palette out), and given that she was not set up for painting said “Grandpaw, that’s not fair”.  So, as you might can tell we have a new generation hooked on creating art and I realize just how incredibly blessed we are!