Striper Fishing Lake Conroe: Spinner Baits on Slopes and in Troughs

Well, we survived Spring Break, seriously it was fun riding horses-watching the grandkids riding horses, just spending small town Texas time chilling and taking it easy at our cousin’s place in Smithville. Back to Montgomery where it’s not really a small town anymore, but there is Lake Conroe. Hooray, got out yesterday and the water was pretty nice. Early on, it was a little breezy, Weather Channel on my iPhone said 5-7 mph. Now, for me- I’ve experienced that 7 mph is pretty much the magic number. Over that, it’s still tolerable but you’ll fight waves some crossing the southeast to northwest body of the lake, and it will be challenging holding position on the north end of the lake. In Spawning season there are a couple of creeks on the north end that I like to visit. This year it’s been a late spring in Texas, at least one friend told me Ray Hubbard was late spawning season just like Lake Conroe. So yesterday I started out just outside of Walden Marina breakwater east levee. There is typically fish stacked on the inclines where it transitions from 15-25 pretty quick, I saw bait balls on my fish finder and tried a chartreuse rattle trap, and after that a chartreuse spinner with a silver trailer. Seeing the fish hanging deeper I tried a blue black crawdad with speckles Texas rigged which is usually dependable. Nothing doing, so I blasted off to the North end and started working ledges off the second finger north of FM1097 on the west side. There are always stripers stacking on transitions and on out into the deeper 20-25 ft depths. I caught my first striper shalloow in about 15 ft of water. The wind had died down, I saw one boat anchored, it gets hard to hold as you come around the bend west to east and north unless you stay close to the shoreline. There wasn’t any action in the shallows with plastics, and even the dependable rattle trap wasn’t dragging up any so I had gone to the shelves further out where it breaks from 15-25 feet gradually. I could see a lot of stripers so I worked in circles using a heavier (about a 3/8 oz) spinner chartreuse with large trailing silver spoon. I figured it was heavy enough to get down where the fish were and it worked. I caught about a two pounder, released it. The wind kicked up, so I headed back to the south side. On the way I located a big hump that gets mostly passed by with boat traffic but it’s a good transition from 25-30 of water to as shallow as 8 ft and on the left side of it heading south there are big troughs. The second one I worked was full of bait fish and the tell tale striper signatures. I caught a nice one just under limit at 17 inches, release it quickly after a picture and moved on to calmer water. I spend about 30-45 minutes working some small brush piles (man made) in one of my favorite coves. It was already about 11:00 in the morning by then and usually I only do well over there early on for large mouth, and the docks there are pretty productive, I take people over there to put them on fish pretty often.

All in all a good day, it was starting to sprinkle when I was going into Walden Marina where I keep my boat slipped. It didn’t deter people just going out. Today, this afternoon, my wife and one grand daughter went out to the levee and bank fished for a while it was just too nice of a late afternoon to not be at the water. We didn’t catch anything, but she worked on her casting and it was a pleasant time.