Bank Fishing Lake Conroe

Yesterday I continued my bank fishing at Lake Conroe for the third  weekend in a row.  Last winter my son Randy  and I went down to the boat  ramp at the end of Aspen in Walden  to kill some time and ran into a fellow fishing for catfish. It was a cold windy day, I’m talking about 15 plus miles per hour wind, and we visited with for a while.   Sitting beside him were two buckets full of catfish, big catfish. He used a two hook drop shot set up on two different poles and had close to his bag limit, using shad seined at the ramp.

So yesterday off we went to that ramp to see how a little summer fishing might be. At 7:00 a.m. it was already 82 degrees outside so the water temperature was at least that. On either side of the ramp, at the bulkheads, the water is about 4 ft deep right now. As you move out from the bulk heads, the water level slides down to about 10-15 feet deep up to about 50 ft out. I like to work parallel to the bulk heads, and with the extreme heat I will flip my lure right up to the docks on either side of the ramp to draw out fish hanging out there. I used a Booyah Pond Magic Two Blade spinner 3/16 oz, on a 8 lb test Vanish Berkley fluorocarbon line. I like to use light test bank fishing on Conroe, I also use the Berkley Vanish 12 lb. test, when I’m boat fishing.  

The August 12 TPWD Lake Conroe fishing report called out spinner baits, rattle traps, and plastics.  I started with a red plastic 7 in Zoom worm and Randy fished a Bill Lewis Rattletrap silver and blue.  Randy worked it off the end of the dock as well as some from the bank,  just didn’t have any luck.  I switched from my red worm to the spinner bait and worked it as described above to drag past the fish hopefully hanging close by.  Spotting a branch in the water about 4 feet off the bulkhead, I dropped my spinner just past it and dragging back got a hit.  A large mouth bass latched on and took off.  I got him landed and we measured him before taking a picture and releasing.  He was 18 inches, making him about 3 to 3 and 1/2 lbs.   

I had one more bite, same lure, and I didn’t set the hook good enough, he spit it out and I could see him just under the top of the water.  He was a smaller bass than the one I caught.  At least we didn’t get skunked, by this time it was too hot to fish in the shallower water so we called it a day and headed home.

Large Mouth