Recipes Handed down for Generations

Most people agree that the most important thing in life is family and friends, and when family and friends get together- we eat. We get together to celebrate birthdays, holidays, Sundays, and eat together as family and community. They say that smells evoke the memory more than any other sense. It’s true all of us can remember the smell of bacon and coffee in the morning or the smells of Thanksgiving Dinner being cooked. Here we have our favorite foods like Potato Salad, Cabrito, Barbecue, Pecan Pie. Recipes handed down from generation to generation hand made notes, with directions like a pinch of this, or “about” this much. The kind you got when you asked Mom for a favorite recipe for one of her dishes and she told you she had made it for so long she didn’t refer to a recipe. Check out our Recipes page and Mom’s recipes for some pure Texas cooking. We’ve mined local cookbooks like Polly’s from Del Rio, and The Masonic Lodge, as well as notes from our family for tried and true favorites.