Summer’s Coming- the Freeze is behind us, Covids’ still here.

Well, we are headed to Kemah today to go boat shopping. We’re on our third boat since moving to Lake Conroe six years ago. First one was a Bow Rider, 2007 Sea Ray 175. Fast, fun boat. Next, we decided on a fishing pontoon. This was, as the name implies, a compromise between carrying the fam around tubing and joy riding some times, and fishing other times. Sold it, and voila! now we (meaning me with Susie’s blessing) are looking for fishing boat. Since I have a tendency to go fishing first thing in the morning and coming home about 2 pm, it’s safe to say a pure dee fishing rig is the most suitable craft for us (again, meaning me with the occasional trip with Susie and or the rest of our extended family which is now grown to 7 including Marcus and Rachel). As I told Susie last night, if a man wants to buy a fishing boat, it is wise to give his wife a nice ring first. Last week was our 40th wedding anniversary, Rubies for the 40th in case you men out there reading this don’t know. She smiled. Good sign. We’ll see later today.

Looking forward to this Summer. Between Covid and the February once in a million years freeze, it’s been a crazy year counting back to last year when Covid started. I have to say I literally pray every night for the people affected by Covid in any way, and my heart aches for them.

The freeze was unbelievable- I had to completely redo our front flower bed, replanting it completely. No easy task, in great part because the deer see us as their favorite salad bar. I could plant pear cactus and they would eat the fruit when it bloomed. So since everything I had mostly was frozen (except one Holly that didn’t even blink), I planted bushes only and raised the bed 3-4 inches while I had the chance. Well, you guessed it, the deer started in on the new bushes. Put a wire fence around everything while I figured it out. So, I found a heavy duty (made by Orbit-sprinkler system company) infrared activated sprinkler for 70 bucks. Set it up to spray the little beggars in the face in the hopes it would disrupt their little dinner routine. Who likes getting sprayed in the face while eating dinner? Anyway, I set up my game camera to see what happens and (hopefully) enjoy some funny video that I might be able to send in to Funniest Hoome Videos and win 10 grand. This, I think, could fund my future plant purchases to replace what they will no doubt manage to eat no matter what I do. Guess we’ll see. I shall blog the results, keep your fingers crossed.

I won’t even get into our busted underground water pipe, or living by the fireplace for one really cold day or snow on the ground here (gasp) at Lake Conroe. Or using melted snow to flush toilets or……well, maybe enough said. We had it better than a lot of people – we were only without power for one full day and our electricity bill was only twice our normal usage for Feburary and March HAH!, higher than our normal July bill. Something fishy going on there, can’t wait to see our April bill.


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