Local Texas Made is our  website dedicated to bringing you high quality and unique hand crafted, non commercial art, crafted items, anything made here locally.  we live at Lake Conroe, in Montgomery, Tx.  There are so many talented folks around Montgomery and Conroe, Magnolia, Dobbins, and all the areas near where we live.   They are our family, friends and neighbors.  As the saying goes, they are  Diamonds in our own backyard.  Our hope is that you enjoy discovering all things Texas as much as we do.  It’s our passion. Almost three years ago, I went with my daughter, Rachel, and two of my grand daughters (we are up to four now, with one more on the way) to visit a working farm in Magnolia, Texas.  It’s called Jenkins Sunshine Farms.  We got  to see the hydroponics, the livestock, vegetable gardens, and the store where they hand make all sorts of lotions, oils, and soaps.  I bought hand soap and lotion, took it home to my wife and we were hooked.  It got me to thinking how cool it would be to start a website highlighting all of the incredibly creative and fresh products, music, food, and arts that are right here in Montgomery County.  This passion for all things Texas is what drives us and we will be adding items and information of interest, some even for sale!  My hope is you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoy discovering it and please leave comments and let me know what you might like to see.  My blog has some more good ol Texana stories and info but I don’t want to just tell my stories, I want to hear yours!  This is your site, so post recipes, stories, pictures of your creation and email me anytime.  God Bless Texas.

Billy  McKinnon and family