Here are some paintings by a friend,  Julie Alms.  How cool are these acrylic pours?  These are some of her  acrylic pour on canvas abstracts.   Julie, who is  is a therapist says that these paintings  are inspired by her work helping others.    You can buy her art at her  website.   Here  is the link to Julie’s website:

Also, Julie has a Youtube Channel where you can see her working on her paintings, check this  out at 


Here is a website that represents just what Local Texas Made is all about: awesome local talent right in our own home towns.  It’s also a special story:

Jenkins Sunshine Farm is actually what inspired me to start Local Texas Made.  My daughter and I took my grand daughters there for a little education and fun three years ago.  I bought handsoap and lotion to take home, and my daughter Rachel bought eggs and vegetables.  Delighful and we have since gone back for more.  Diamonds in our own backyard!


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