My mother and I

My mother was a gourmet cook.  We grew up with a screened in porch on our house and often we ate out there.  In the morning, more than once my friends would be walking by, smell the cooking,  and come to the door to see if I was home.  Of course then they would get an invite to come inside and eat.  

Most Holidays, our house was the center of family gatherings as everyone loved her cooking.  She always presented it well, too.  “It looks so good, I don’t want to mess it up” was a familiar refrain.  She would curl radishes and celery, julienne carrots.  Her recipes are noted, in her handwriting, as “excellent, good, fair, or someone’s favorite”.  My parents hosted a lot of Shriner events as well, so we’ve included some of her large size favorite crowd pleasers.   There’s nothing like home cooking and Mom’s- everyone’s Mom- tried and true recipes handed down generation to generation.  

 We have collected a lot of the recipes from our families and from local cook books, including the Texas Masonic Lodge and  Del Rio favorites. Cook books that have the  local favorites shared by friends and neighbors.  Some are timeless, including old and new twists on classics.  Check them out, and enjoy!

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Texas Recipes

Old and new Favorites from Friends and Family.

Real Texan Family Recipes

Real Texas Family Recipes
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